The Strategy Workshop

The Strategy Workshop – embrace the digital transformation.

A growing lack of confidence towards the digital transformation inspired us to create The Strategy Workshop. Businesses were uncertain about were to improve digitally. They did not know if they should choose production, sales or whether to make digitalization a company asset. At the garage, management focuses entirely on their company, and get the opportunity to clarify threats related to digitalization. They also look at the many opportunities and decide how the company strategically will take advantage of the digital transformation.

At the workshop, there will be three different companies. Together they will listen to various presentations and take part in discussions. There will be sparring and Watch Dogs. Some tasks are done by you and your co-workers, others exercises are done by challenging the other companies. The Strategy Workshop consists of five sessions 2 x 2 days plus three training sessions at your company.

At The Strategy Workshop, the instructors working with us are all experienced CEOs and CIOs from IT Executive partners.


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