IT management – Become a superior team leader

Attain concrete strategical tools and methods in order to perform stronger as the team leader, along with creating clear improvements thru strong management. Get a unique insight in how to best facilitate and build your personalized IT-team in order to create a solid performance team, with capabilities of delivering the highest adequate results.

The education expands and develop your leadership skills, and additionally strengthen your capabilities to lead thru effective planning, strong communication and gives a groundbreaking insight in the cooperative unifications strategic values importance for the business.

As head of department you are in one of the most difficult management roles known. This demands abilities such as motivation and coaching skills. They are a natural part of this education.

You are expected to create visible and viable results and present them in a professional manner to the board. These are among the challenges we address. During the course we will present a strategic and practical approach, giving you the most constructive tools to cope with the demanding aspects of the unique role of team management.

IT-management content:

  • Value based management of IT-teams
  • The authentic leader
  • Your personal communication
  • Different roles within teams, group dynamic, relations and cooperation
  • How to address aspects such as motivation, dialogue and delegation of responsibilities to the different personnel in your team.
  • Conflict, stress and prevention of the same.
  • Coaching techniques
  • Management in tough situations – The difficult conversation.
  • Creating and follow-up of performance
  • Personal plan of action as an IT-teamleader

Personal gain:

  • Learn to create a strong team with focus on high productivity. Attained by understanding team dynamics and workflow in different tasks.
  • Understand how to address different personnel types in your team. By doing this you become capable of identifying the most common dysfunctions within project teams.
  • Get a deeper insight in how to perform professionally as manager in the crossroads between IT, business strategy and objectives.


  • Attain up to date knowledge on management and different persona
  • Strengthening your management role by improving your knowledge about preventing and handling conflicts. Get a unique insight in differences and the art form of converting it into an advantage for your team.
  • Finally you will go thru an extensive personality analysis, and with the knowledge obtained tailor your very own plan of action.

How to sign up:

You will be asked to complete a certified personality analysis. This is done so that you realize your potential and we will be able to make progress faster and immediately start nurturing your talents from the very first day. In order to achieve this, you will receive confidential coaching sessions during the extent of the course.

Who is applicable to participate:

IT-team managers needing to extent their toolkit with simple yet effective methods, along with tailor made personal and practical development of leadership.

Extent of course:

The education will take part over 4 days split into 2×2 days. During the course there will be theoretical and practical tasks, along with elements of coaching. As we want you to receive the maximal return on investment, homework between the course dates is to be expected.

You can easily sign up using the formula at the right end of this page.

You can sign up directly with mail using the address: via

For further information, please contact us during business hours on this phone number: +4522744300.