Dream Team – create winning teams

Purpose and value of having a dream team

By creating a winning team based on personality, skills, and talent. You will achieve the best team work plus obtain great results when solving any task for the company.

Digitalization has changed and increased competition both national and internationally. That makes it essential to have the right staff on all levels of your company.

The course is made for the digital and IT section of the company and their leaders. Throughout the course you will get the tools to create the best team and learn how to meet the expectations of both clients and management.

The dream team course will help you gather the perfect team for job that needs to be done. You will get the tools to pick, motivate and inspire everyone on the team. After the team has been picked you will make sure everybody is motivated and working as a team.

You will create winning teams by:

  • Using each member’s skills to create a dream team. By dream team is meant a great team which help each other out so everyone can benefit from the others abilities and thereby create the desired results.
  • Up to date techniques to guide the team and each individual member efficiently towards the goals. Focusing on results.
  • Efficient communication to handle disputes so that the dream team constantly focuses on teamwork instead of problems

For whom?

The course is intended for leaders who have finished basic leader courses and have had at least 18 month of experience. Throughout the course the participants will receive coaching by their teachers, who all are certified coaches. Homework is to be expected.


The Dream Team will start on September 11th 2017

The course will last 2 x 2 days separated by 4 weeks. Limited number of participants

Cost kr. 28.900    Personality analyses kr. 1500

For further information, please contact Kristine Koed on +45 2274 4300 or by email kristinekoed@itexecutivepartners.com