CIO – IT and digital management

Are you on a quest to become one of the most demanded chief executives? Then you must understand that in order to achieve this, you must be portrayed as a visionary, future oriented digital manager, with a deep insight in strategic management principles and business goals. More importantly you must understand how to execute all of the above.

This education is tailor-made in preparing you to meet the demands of the organization, by offering tools to implement new solutions and streamline the profit margin. Furthermore the demand for creating a connection between the IT-department and the cooperate strategies. The education will furthermore  strengthen your communication skills, along with offering the tools needed to document the value of projects to the board.

Content of the course:

  • Management tools – The authentic leader, value based management, change management.
  • Real development in the IT-unit – Goals, strategies, economics, challenges and options
  • A selective part of Lean SixSigma management methods.
  • Communication – optimization of communication and cooperation, by developing your personal communitive skillset, along with coaching as a communicative tool, business communication and non-verbal communication.
  • The future of IT-units – agility, development and readiness. Composition of profiles, group dynamics, along with identification of roles within the department, recruitment of the proper candidates, management, motivation and delegating responsibilities.
  • Development – culture optimization, the difficult conversation, development and follow-up of poorly performing team members and co-workers.

Personal gain:

  • Obtain a variety of leadership skills. Become a trusted asset for the management. Get the skillset and discipline to execute the professional and authoritarian management style.
  • A deeper understanding of how to lead, motivate and communicate with different types of co-workers within your team, along with management, and promoting the results leading to the cooperation’s goals.
  • Greater insight in the connection between management and decisiveness – especially within the execution of differentiation management.


  • Improved abilities to handle the demands and expectations that is required of the modern digital manager.
  • Develop new objectives as a digital manager and execute the with precision thru your unit
  • Improve your toolkit and strengthen your understanding of IT along with management. Improve your position within the company by swaying the rest of the company with your strategic knowledge.
  • You will receive personal and confidential coaching sessions – along with a personal tailor-made 100 days plan of action
  • The education will change your perspective on management, which will in return expand your role into an effective and valuable business partner for your respective organization.

How to sign up

Before the start of the education, an invitation to the renowned DISC personality analysis will be sent to you. This analysis is going to show what type of manager you are, along with how to improve. You will then receive a confidential executive coaching session, this is done in order to tailor the best possible education to improve where your management style lacks. The DISC analysis will along with coaching, additionally provide a the personal plan of action. The DISC analysis is strictly confidential and will by no means be shared with any 3rd

Who is applicable to attend:

CIO’s and IT-chiefs looking to improve on an already existing skillset, by adding tools and methods, in order to strengthen and develop management capabilities. Plus motivate the team. This will make you a very valuable asset.

6 months of experience as CIO or digital manager is required


The education progresses over at timespan of 14 educational days, divided over 6 months. Cases and tasks will be marked as homework. 4 months after final day of education a reunion will be held, focus will be on relevant experiences and results.


500 dkr. – per participant, plus an additional 1.500 dkr.- for the DISC analysis. A discount can be granted if several attendants apply from the same company. We offer an in-house course as well.

You can easily sign up using the formula at the right end of this page.

You can sign up directly with mail using the address: via

Please contact us during business hours If you should have any questions : +4522744300.