Digital Executive Masterclass

Goals and value of the masterclass:

The digital executive masterclass’s main goal is to aid your development as an experienced executive. In addition to accelerating your executive management career to the level demanded to create the basics for guiding your respective business through a digital transformation, with the focus on innovative and executive objectives.

As a modern digital manager or CxO, you have the responsibility to prepare the company for client’s expectations. In order to achieve this, creating the framework for responses to the market expectations, consumer demands etc. are an essentiality.

This education provides the groundworks for working proactively with the company towards a digital base, and not solely to support a possible existing frame.

Digital executive masterclass can be viewed as a 3rd step towards a higher management education. This education is therefore developed exclusively to improve and develop experienced but ambitious CxO’s and digital managers.

In digital executive masterclass part of the education will be taught in the Boston University. During the week of lessons at this location, you will experience renowned speakers at the University. Additionally you will be shown a unique perspective on the theory, through extensive business visits within the area.

Throughout this process the education will be supplemented with executive coaching along with internationally renowned managerial methods. Through your own projects the focus will be intensified on the very base you built your personal management, in context to how you constructively develop your respective organization’s DNA in order to create a foundation for digitalization and change.

Additionally we supply the groundwork for you to increase your network with other strong participants of the education. This will be maintained by a semiannual reunion, where academically subjects will be in focus.

Methods with a direct connection to your respective organization:

In order to secure the optimal yield for both you and your company, we will from day 1 focus exclusively on methods directly applicable to your everyday work, between executive management, you and your coworkers. To secure this, you will in connection with your board or executives decide on a specific project of interest.

Teachers and guest speakers:

You are going to meet experienced teachers and captivating guest speakers, with a stream of relevant information in the form of up to date experiences. They will supply you with knowledge on digitalization, automation, innovation and business development. They offer a theoretical and practical understanding, and are required to have experience on the demands for digitalization. Furthermore, they will give an indispensable insight in the cultural changes the digital era has implemented.

 Personal plan of action:
During the masterclass course, we will create your very own plan of action. This will be based on three personal coaching sessions, combined with conversations with the course host.

Who is applicable to attend:

Digital managers, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO’s from private or public companies.

The admission requirements are 2+ years of experience in management of a unit consisting of team managers or heads of department. Additionally, we require that you have relevant studies in context to management.

The admission is personal, and to make sure that it suits your needs a personal dialogue with host Kristine Koed, is required. This is to secure the yield is profitable for both you and your company.

Type of education:

The masterclass is a mix between theoretical and practical oriented material. Relevant theories will be presented through examples, various tasks and own cases from the companies affiliated with the student. Furthermore, there will be guest speakers with a lot of experience, who are going to share their experiences.

In order to secure the maximum yield for the company and the student, the projects being worked on in this course, shall be directed to the company in question. As a result of this, there will be some homework based on the student’s current position and responsivities.


By request a certification will be provided, at the cost of 9.500dkr excl. VAT.

Start and duration:
First days of the masterclass will be 18th – 19th  of December 2017.

The education will span across 14 months with an average of three days a month. As a result of holidays, no education days will be subjected in December, July and August. Included in the course, there will be 5 days in Boston (May 2018)

Language during the education:

English will be the main spoken language. A Danish spoken education is also available if required.

Place of education:

The education will be hosted in downtown Copenhagen, in what we believe to be unique, beautiful and traditional Danish offices, located next to the Danish Royal Theater in the hearth of Kongens Nytorv.


The price for the education is 73.400dkr excl. VAT for each participant. The price include food during the educational days. It does not include transportation, hotel nor meals during the trip to Boston.

Additional information:

If any questions persist, more information can be acquired by contacting Kristine Koed on cellphone: +4522744300 or mail