Change management in the digital age

Purpose and value of change management in the digital age:

In the digital age, change is happening at an ever increasing rate. Knowing this the companies realize that they must adapt faster in order to keep their market share. The managers of these companies are hereby forced to understand and equip themselves for these changes.

This course is designed to give the leaders  the necessary tools to estimate the threats and possibilities that this new era brings. The development in communication has made the world a lot smaller and we now have robots, mobility, big data bases and social networks. We have cloud solutions to all aspect of our lives.

For that reason it is essential to understand the technology and the new markets. Everyone in the company from the CEO to the blue collar workers must be familiar with the changes to create changes, flexibility and motivation towards the desired results.

It has to do with digital maturity from the leaders side and the ability to use the potential opportunities.

The course is specially made for:

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and digital leaders who want to guide their organization through the changes to a fully digitalized company.

The yield from the course

The course will enable you to obtain better digital results

During the course you will get the knowledge and tools to implement projects which will change your company. You will be aware of the stages you have to go through with the management, supervisors, blue collar workers, ect.

You are going to know about digital strategies, be aware of your strengths and learn how to be stronger. You will learn how your colleagues reach to changes. How to motivate and make changes through specially designed communication.

Peronal plan of action

During the course we will help you make your personal plan of action with the helps from professional coaches.

Who can participate?

You have a superior position and are responsible for the company’s business strategy or digital strategy.

Before the course begins

Before the course begins we will make a personality analyses and get feedback on the areas to improve.

Type of classes

The course is designed to update the participant’s strategical digital skills where they have to make important decisions on how to implement the new digital technologies.

The course is practical to give the participants a better understanding on how to use the knowledge in their company. You will be taught how to use efficient international techniques. The course is designed to give each participant the skills he / she needs to face the digital challenges and make successful projects.

We work with real life examples of successful and less successful projects. We use “On the job training” To work with the participant’s actual challenges.

The classes include theory and real-life cases in the area of digital changes, so you can get benefit greatly from the course and use what you have learn in the company where you work.

Start of course

We start on September 7th – 8th 2017

It is a 4-day course. 2 x 2 days. We only allow very few participants


The course will be held in downtown Copenhagen, in beautiful surroundings which uncourtly will inspire the participants. The address is Bronnums Hus, August Bournvilles Passage 1, 1105 Kobenhavn K

The course can also be held at your company for a slightly higher cost.


The price for the course is kr. 33.400 excl tax. Personality analyses kr. 1500

For further information, please contact Kristine Koed +45 2274 4300                                                                                     email: