Boot Camp in IT Change Management

Dominate the IT area and digitalization as a leader and improve your management skills.

The bootcamp is a practical oriented course. You will leave with an improved set of management skills. Furthermore, we promise that this particular set of skills will be applicable directly into your everyday challenges, in which success depends on leadership, teamwork, efficiency and proficiency.

Thru the extent of the course your team management abilities will be strengthened, in doing this we will improve your skillset within the crossroads between IT and achieving a profitable return on investment. This will undoubtedly enhance your relationship with the CEO. Making you a valuable asset.

Bootcamp content:

  • How to secure success with differentiation projects as a leader and for your team.
  • Leadership strengths and weaknesses focusing on identifying and improving development.
  • An in-depth analysis of communication
  • The 4 criteria of success within IT-differentiation projects
  • “Know your organization” – How to handle resistance and opposition
  • Understanding profits
  • Personal action plan


Personal gain:

  • Improve your personal leadership skills along with your strategic perspective of change management.
  • Strengthen your skills as a teamleader by understanding the goals set by the board, and understand how to highlight your return on investment within all aspects of the company.
  • Learn to position yourself as a professional right hand for the board and top management, by having an exclusive insight in how and which cooperate leadership challenges the company might face.



  • We will make your personality profile before the start of the bootcamp, which will be addressed in confidence during the course.
  • You will take part in professional executive coaching sessions during the full extent of the course
  • We promise that you will obtain immediate advantages with your newly acquired knowledge of leadership methods. Theory taught will be directly applicable in your daily work.

How to sign up

Before we start you will be asked to complete a certified personality analysis. This is done so that you realize your potential and we will be able to make progress faster and immediately start nurturing your talents from the very first day. In order to achieve this you will receive confidential coaching sessions during the extent of the course.


Who is applicable to participate:

The bootcamp in IT change management is directed at the CIO’s and IT project managers, who actively seek a development in their professional insight in management, along with a higher success rate with implementing change and digitalization projects in the company.


The bootcamp is a five day course, which progresses over 3+2 days. During these days there will be both theory and practical exercises, along with elements of coaching. As our goal is to maximize your gain from the course, homework is to be expected.


24.600 dkr pr. participant plus an additional 1500 dkr. – for the personality analysis and feedback. By agreement a discount can be achieved by signing up several participants from the same company. Additionally we offer an in-house course in your company.

You can easily sign up using the formula at the right end of this page.

You can sign up directly with mail using the address: via

Should you have any questions, please contact us during business hours on this phone number: +4522744300.