Kristine is a trusted Executive Advisor in developing IT, business and Digital Leaders on execution of their full leadership and digital transformation potentials.

She is the founder and director of KOEDCON & IT Executive Partners International. Also a partner at CIONET Denmark – global network for Digital Leaders.

Past experience includes roles as board member in the IT industry as well as positions as sales & marketing Director in IT companies.

Kristine is an experienced advisor and transformation manager in the cross-field of business, IT and digitalisation. Her work is specifically centred around:

  • Coaching and leadership development (Executive and Senior C level managers)
  • CIO leadership training and development (business understanding and leadership)
  • Personal development and coaching of Digital Leaders on IT management and leadership
  • Coaching of executive and management groups and teams
  • LEAN SixSigma Blackbelt process optimisation for better value creation in business and IT operations
  • Business and digital Strategy development


  • IT Outsourcing, IT Hosting, IT services
  • Project Management in SW Development
  • HR and Salary Systems
  • Business Intelligence/DataWare Housing
  • IT Security


Ongoing educations and studies in Management and Leadership, Process Management, IT, Leadership. LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt (2008-2009, London), Business Strategy development and Employee development, high end sales, Business psychology on a high level, Training and education in Leadership Development in Europe and the US. CXO Coaching and business coaching (London/Dublin 2003).


  • CIO leadership education course – basic and advanced
  • Digital Team Leader courses
  • CIO Master Class



With a background as CIO in one of Denmark’s largest organisation, operating advanced IT SaaS and professional services setup’s Brian has gained more than 30 years of experience. His positions have covered leadership and IT management roles both from the enterprise side as well as the supply side.

Brian has worked professionally with IT in a range of different industries: 10 years in building materials manufacturing, 19 years in upstream Oil and Gas (10 years outside Denmark and 15+ in senior management roles) and lately 2 years with business consulting and IT supply programmes. Brian’s field of work covers:

  • Business development
  • Bridging IT with business strategies and innovation
  • Digital strategies
  • Classic IT strategies, governance, operating models and operations design
  • Sourcing strategies, outsourcing contract implementation and T&T project implementation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Large scale programme and project delivery programmes.

Educational background

  • Information Science and Management Accounting (HD-IØ), Copenhagen Business School, 1996
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD-1), Copenhagen Business School, 1994
  • Pathways CIO Leadership Development program, 2012
  • AP Moller – Leader of leaders’ curriculum, 2005 to 2015
    • Leading leaders, Maersk way of winning, Leadership Forum
    • Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2010.

Special interests:

  • How Blockchain and Machine Learning can change the world and how businesses can exploit
  • Exploring the possibilities of how digitalisation can impact our businesses plus society and living standards
  • Lean and agile methodologies and management of changes in organisations and leadership behavior.



As (COO and) CEO in Danish municipalities experienced in governance, management and political counseling in the transparent tensions of political leadership, civil society and the organization of professional groups.

  • Strategical planning in public welfare systems and city development
  • Strategical leadership and management in public welfare
  • Financial strategies and financial governance systems
  • Digital strategies
  • Organizational development
  • NGO in democracy development in the Baltics and Bhutan

Since 2017 associated NXT as adviser in strategy, city development and communication.

Carreer covers senior positions as COO and CEO for 5 mayors, 8 city councils and 6 Boards of directors

  • 2008 – 2017 CEO, Municipality of Roedovre
  • 2000 – 2008 CEO, Municipality of Dragoer
  • 1994 – 2000 COO, Municipality of Koege

Senior adviser at LGDK’s Department of Consultancy Services (Kommunernes Landsforening, 1987-1994). Project manager regarding strategical planning, financial governance systems (including budgeting and decentralization strategies), organizational development, leadership training and analysis and planning of public welfare sectors.

(Co)writer of several articles, booklets and books in the fields of public governance, local democracy, financial governance and management and decentralization

Mentor in leadership, Protocol 2011 – 2015


M.Sc.(Econ), University of Copenhagen, 1987. Ongoing studies and educations in management, leadership and conflict management.


Olav is an experienced business leader and manager with a long track record (25+ years) within IT, Technology and Consulting.

He has many years of experience from being partner in a large international management consulting company and has been internationally responsible at group level for Enterprise Architecture and Cloud advisory services. He has headed consultancy work being done for large international companies – and worked with business development and management processes internally.

Olav is founder and CEO of Frolich Consulting, which is serving selected clients with transformational and strategic projects.


Project examples are Strategy development and implementation, Disruption, Transformation, Governance, Vendor selection and management, contractual negotiations, process re-engenering and improvement, leadership and management in general.

Enterprise Architecture, assessments, audits, M&A and Due Diligence. Also areas as ERP replacement, FDA/UDI compliance and 1-1 personal mentoring at C level.


Olav has an educational background within both the technological and IT space as well as business with a M. Sc.EE. (engineering) from Denmarks Technological University combined with an international MBA degree from University of Monaco. Olav has also involved in external Boards and has conducted a thorough Board Leadership Education (from CBS Executive).


Per has more than 25 years of experience in managing projects and motivating people. Per has worked within businesses as different as IT services, defence, telecom, power companies, building, construction sector and FinTech and in roles as different as Team Lead, Project Manager, Product Manager, Pre-sales, Bit Manager, and Workshop Facilitator. One of Per’s main motivators has always been to bring IT, business and customers closer together.

Per is utilising his broad experience in his daily work as instructor and coach and brings in elements from his passion: Improv Theatre to make a unique blend of technical knowledge, scientific evidence and positive energy.

Common denominator in Personal philosophy is that success is reached through an equal amount of human respect, agile approach and strong motivation.

Per is the founder and owner of JustDo! and co-founder of the Improv Theatre group: Hat & Briller (Haywire)


  • Personal coaching of Managers
  • Coaching of teams
  • Leadership and group training – Applied Improvisation
  • Training of Team Leads
  • Development of Help Desk
  • People Change Management in IT project context
  • Facilitation of workshops


  • Project Manager on merger of Danish Broadband Companies
  • Product management within professional headset industry
  • Project management of cross border projects within Telecom, Financial industry, Defence industry
  • Development and sales of Mission Critical Software within Aviation industry, Telecom
  • Danish representative within international standardisation concerning network technologies (ISO, CEN/CENELEC and CCITT)
  • Programming of Software Development Systems
  • Construction of educational material and teaching the use of Software Development Systems


  • Systemic Coach (MMC), Mindtools, 2015
  • Prince 2 – Practitioner, Peak Consulting, 2013
  • Scrum Master (CSM), Trifork, 2011
  • Commercial law, HD, 1992
  • Data Engineer from University of Southern Denmark, 1984 – 1987
  • Reserve Officer School, 1981– 1982
  • Reserve Officer Education – Rang of Captain 1988
  • Masterclass Mediation, Mindtools 2017
  • Basic Sales and Consultant Skills – Internal Devoteam course
  • Writing Skills – Internal Devoteam course
  • Workshop management – practical facilitation – Moving Minds A/S
  • NIRAS Marked Development Course, MAUF (sales course)
  • Telia Nets Leader Training TL2000: Teambuilding, Leadership style and topology – coaching by Cultivator, Hørsholm